Coed Division

Coed Division Rules of Play

  1. Scoring: Rally Point Scoring Games to 25 Points; Win by 2; Capped at 27. Points can be scored either when serving or receiving in Rally point.
  2. Games Played: Teams are to play 3 Games (each worth one point); if at the start of the Third Game only 10 Minutes or less remain –> Play Rally point to 15 (One team must get to at least 8 points for the game to count for point).
  3. Let Serve Rule IS in effect.(See Let Rule for more info.) Therefore the serve IS ALLOWED TO touch the net.
  4. Minimum # of Players: This League is playing the 3-3 format meaning that 3 men and 3 women are to be on the court at all times. Should players be missing, it is permissible to have play with only 5 players. Teams with five players will be forced play the ghost rule. The ghost rule applies to all divisions.
  5. Injuries: Should a player be injured during play (M or F) that team is allowed to continue without defaulting. However, should the team be reduced to two female players as a result of injury; the exiting player’s position must be maintained in the rotation. (For further clarification see Ghost Rule)
  6. Subsitutions: Unlimited Substitutions are allowed, however, once player ‘pairs’ are established they cannot be broken.(See Substitutions for more info.)
  7. Service Toss: ONLY one (1) service toss is allowed

General Rules

First Contact Rule:
The first contact rule allows players to physically hit the ball more than once on the first contact of their team. First contact would include serve passing or digging of a hit ball. More than one contact can be made provided that the player makes only one motion for the ball. At no time is the ball allowed to come to rest as this would result in a held ball.


  1. Player goes to pass the served ball, and as s/he attempts to pass the ball, it contacts his/her forearms followed by his/her chin on the way to the setter. This is considered legal.
  2. Player goes to dig a hit ball, and the ball hits his/her hand, then bounces off their foot they try to hit it up to the setter in a second motion. The presence of the second distinct motion makes it a double contact and illegal. The fact that the ball hit their foot is not illegal provided they didn’t kick at it (this would be a 2nd motion)

Forfiet of Match
The match is forfeited if a team does not have enough players to play 15 minutes after the scheduled time to play. For example if a team is scheduled to play at 8:00 and they do not have a team by 8:15 then the match is forfeited.

Let Rule:
When playing with this rule, any serve is ‘good’ that passes over the net (with or without contact) and lands in the opponents court.

Ghost Rule:
This is a rule to help in preventing any advantage that could be gained by playing with less players in a game (used due to injury). One each occassion that the injured or missing player would normally be serving, this is treated as a loss of serve (and point if Rally).

Substitutions are unlimited, but linking of subs is required (with one exception see below). Linking refers to substitions for the same players each time. I.e. Player A subs in for Player B; this means that later in the set only Player B can sub in for Player A. Once player A is subbed back out of the game (ie. same as starting line) then the only player that A could replace is Player B on any subsequent substitutions. However, they may sub for each other as many times as they wish. One exception to Linking exists in all divisions, Teams may (if they choose) sub anyone out after service provided the player being removed is the last server. This allows teams that wish to play all players equally the opportunity to, however, substitution of any player other than the last server must follow linking requirements.

In Coed: Substitutions must be same sex (ie. Male – Male or Female-Female)

Recently incorporated rules of volleyball allow the use of any part of the body to play the ball. This includes the head, shoulders, hands, arms, torso, legs and feet. This has been the rule in volleyball for some time, but I thought it was worth mentioning.

Blocking or Attacking the Serve:
Blocking of the serve is not allowed in volleyball. Attacking of the serve is not allowed when the ball is in the front court (in front of attack line) and entirely above the height of the net.

Arrangement of Players in Coed:
There is no rule which restricts the placement or arrangement of players of opposite sex in the Coed Divisions. Players must remain in rotation, but may be in any order (Alternating player sex is not required).

Game Balls:
It is the responsibility of each team to have a game ball to use for the match. This is as simple as the ‘best available’ ball.

Penetration by Defense:
The defensive team may not contact the ball until a portion of the ball crosses the plane of the net, or after the third contact of an attack-hit (Ie as in a block).