Players Looking To Play

My name is Ryan Dermott, best way to reach me is 780-863-5669, or email at

Im 24 years old, and have played 2 years in the ACAC, as well as all throughout high school, so looking and open to playing in division 1, but will play in any division. I’ve played every position at the college level, but mostly played setter, right side or Libero.

Hi there,
I am a 33 year old female looking to play this year.  I prefer to play in the power position but can play offside too. 
I haven’t played the last year or 2 competitively but would love to get back in.
I’d like to play in the intermediate division likely.  I think I’d be a bit rusty for the advanced right now hahaha

My contact is by email or text
403 597 7959

Thank you,
Bri-Anna DeGroot

I am looking to get on the ‘Looking to Play List’.

Name: Marc Ouellet
Gender: Male
Contact Info: Ph#: 403-392-2261, email:
I am 31 years old, looking to join in as a single player. Haven’t played Volleyball since highschool (besides beach volleyball at a resort or some sort), know the basics, looking to join as a beginner mind set, but will put in the work and time in order to be a great team player and hopefully a skilled player. I live in Red Deer and drive so I can travel if needed, can be e-mailed, called or texted at the contact information above. My work schedule is (week 1) M-F 8am-4pm / S,S,M Off (week 2) Tuesday to Friday 8am – 4pm Saturday 10-6 / Sunday Off..
Thanks for the consideration and look forward to hearing from you.

Hi, my name is Travis Liske and I’m looking to join in volleyball but I do rotation work. I’m available during my time off. I play power best but I can also play back court and set.

My number is 1 (403) 597-8910 
Email is

I can play any position. Played on a team years ago, then just been subbing the last 2 years.
Intermediate level.
Also play womens league for many years now.

Name: Mackenzie Naurocki
Gender: Female
Contact: 825-993-5013

I am 21 years old, looking to play this upcoming season. I just moved to red deer. I played volleyball for 7 years but haven’t played for a few years now & want to get back into it. I played outside.

Hi, my name is Shaun, male, 6’2”. Played on many teams in div’s 1-4 over the last 10 years, would like to join or sub for a team in Div 1 or 2 for the new structure this year. Text would be best at 403-392-4435. Thanks

My name is Annika Jeglum (female). My phone number is (403) 396-5667. I’m a setter and I played volleyball at NAIT for 1 year and I miss it a lot so I’d like to get back into it. If there’s a more competitive team looking for players I would definitely be interested!

Name: Amber Mackintosh

Gender: Female
Contact Information: 780-886-7084 or
I’m 28 years old, haven’t been playing coed for a while but wanting to get back on the court after on and off coaching, and recently moved to central Alberta. 
I can play anything but middle, as a I was not genetically blessed with height. 
Intermediate division will likely fit me best. 
Let me know if you need someone!
I’m interested in potentially joining a team. My info:
Talbot Walton
Division 2 

Hi my name is Nicole Dorie,
I’m a female looking to play and get active. I have played for a few years in any position but wherever I’m needed please feel free to reach out!
Email is
Call or text: 403-550-9037

I am a 5ft 9 female player looking to play setter or power on a Div 1 or Div 2 team. I have played some college ball. My number is 587-784-8118.



My name is Travis Hutchison I’m looking to join or play for a div 2 team.   I can play Setter, Power and right side.  I’ve played all my life just haven’t played last couple years since the covid came in.    Can contact me at 403 741 6680

I have played rec with community leagues for three years, played in highschool and I’m at an early intermediate level. I like to play middle or possibly setter.  I also enjoy post game brewskies!

Janelle Kuipers

(587) 306-9603

Emma Lyle

26-Year-Old Female
Text: 403-704-0699
I am looking to join a team in a lower division. I played in high school and briefly in university as well as recreationally as an adult. I am a bit rusty but hoping to get back at it and play again for fun. I have the most experience as an outside hitter but can also set. 

Hello,I am looking to possibly join a team for this years season.I am a 30yr old female wanting to play intermediate or beginner level. I prefer setter but am open to trying other positions as well. I played in high school and on a few rec leagues but it has been a few years. I really enjoy the sport and am excited to get back at it!(506)

My name is Tanya. I’m 5’8 and can play power or middle, preferably Division 2 or 3, as it’s been about 4 years since I last played competitively. I work shift work with a schedule that is all over the place, making it hard to commit to one team weekly. But if I’m not working and a team needs an extra person, I’d be happy to help!250-278-0062 or

My name is Kyle. I’m trying to get back in to competitive sports after having lived in northern Alberta with nothing for several years. I played in high school and then recreationally for the following years. I can play any position at all that you need and am looking to be in a middle or lower division to start. I am living in Sylvan Lake and would be fine with travel or picking players up on the way in to Red Deer/Penhold.

My number is 780-507-2725

I am 20 years old, 6’3 lefty which would like to play power or right side but can also set if needed on a team.I have played 2 years of club volley ball in Edmonton for Fog B.  Haven’t played much in the last few years since finishing high school and wanting to get back into it 
My number is +14035888377 and email is to reach me 
Thank you
Hi my name is Fred. I am looking to possibly join a team for this season.
 I’m 5.7.
I have played for 2 years not competitive.
 I’m looking to play intermediate level.
I can play anything but middle, as I was not genetically blessed with height. 
Please feel free to reach out to me

My name is Gary Dvoskin. I’ve played volleyball all my life. I played on the intermediate level last season in Rally Pointe, Calgary. Now I work in Innisfail and live here during the working weeks. I’m looking to join or play in the intermediate team. I can play Setter, Power and Right Side.  

You can contact me at (403) 399-1982 or

My name is Shaun, 6’2” male. Looking to play in divisions 1-4. Played high school, club, and I’ve been in this league for 10+ years. Please text me at 403-392-4435. Thanks.

My name is Emily.  I’m 6 ft tall and I’m a setter and a hitter.  I would like to play in Div 2.

(403) 597-7167

My name is Scott Leithoff and I moved to Red Deer last year. I’m looking for a Div 2 or lower team to join. I’m not great but I am tall. I never played in school put I’ve played Rec before as well as beach in the summer. Even if you’re just looking for a sub for your team, please contact me. My number is 780-292-2788 and my email is

Hi there,
I am a 27 year old female looking to play this year.  I played mostly middle but open to playing other positions if needed. I played high school and club ball competitively and some rec leagues more recently but I haven’t played the last year or 2 and would love to get back in.I’d like to play in the intermediate division likely.  Probably a bit rusty for advanced right nowYou can contact me by text (587) 306-4311Thank you,Emily Elkins

HelloI’m looking to join a team in the co-Ed league this year. Looking to join any division.My name is Samantha and I’m female I have previous volleyball experience however I haven’t played rec in two years. My number is (780) 838-0701 if any teams are looking for another girl.Thank you

My name is Shayla Culford, 26 yrs old female. I prefer middle or right side hitter. I played competitive in HS and a bit on a women’s league.

Also contact info is 403-704-6297! Prefer div 2 & lower


 My name is Madison and the best way to reach my is cell 403-358-2319.I am a 5’ 10” female  I have played competitive volleyball for the past few years on club and high school teams. I played offside and middle but am happy to play any position.Looking forward to subbing in all divisions.

My name is Seth Slomp. I just moved to Red Deer and would like to play volleyball again. I’m male and I’m 24. I play all positions.
Just moved to the Red Deer area last week from Calgary and I’m looking to join a league here so I can keep playing. My name is Misbah, I’m a 22 year old male. I’ve been playing recreational volleyball every week for the past 5 years so I’m looking to join something intermediate or advanced. I’m free any day of the week.
My phone number is
My name is Marco Lattuada, I’m 36 years old, I’ve just moved to Red Deer and I’m looking for a team to play Volleyball.
I started playing volleyball when I was 7 years old.  I played in the Argentinian Semi-pro league until I was 24 years old. Since then, I’ve been playing recreational Volleyball.
I usually play as an outside hitter, but I can definitely try other positions.
Name: Marco Lattuada
Gender: male
Phone: 2896896775
I recently moved to Red Deer for the winter. I’m a 30-year-old, 5’8″ female, and prefer playing power but can also play right side. I played volleyball quite competitively in my teens and played in different mixed and women’s leagues at times in my 20s. Best way to reach me is on my cell 780-975-6330.