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Name: Emma Neufeld

Gender: Female
I am 23 years old looking to play in the upcoming season. I played volley ball in high school for 3 years and university for 1. My usual position was middle hitter however I also have experience as an outside hitter. I've just moved to the area and it's been a few years since I've played so I am looking to get back into the sport recreationally, not at a super competitive/high level. 

Hi, my name is Travis Liske and I’m looking to join in volleyball but I do rotation work. I’m available during my time off. I play power best but I can also play back court and set.

My number is 1 (403) 597-8910 
Email is

 I am looking to get on the 'Looking to Play List'.

Name: Marc Ouellet
Gender: Male
Contact Info: Ph#: 403-392-2261, email:
I am 31 years old, looking to join in as a single player. Haven't played Volleyball since highschool (besides beach volleyball at a resort or some sort), know the basics, looking to join as a beginner mind set, but will put in the work and time in order to be a great team player and hopefully a skilled player. I live in Red Deer and drive so I can travel if needed, can be e-mailed, called or texted at the contact information above. My work schedule is (week 1) M-F 8am-4pm / S,S,M Off (week 2) Tuesday to Friday 8am - 4pm Saturday 10-6 / Sunday Off..
Thanks for the consideration and look forward to hearing from you.

Hi there!

I am looking to play on a team. My friend Emma Neufeld also sent in a single player application so if there is a team needed two players we’d be happy to join and play together!

Name - Mia Cartwright
Gender - Female 
Phone - 4035890321 (text is easiest)
I am new the the area and used to play when I was younger. Im looking for a league not super competitive.

I can play any position. Played on a team years ago, then just been subbing the last 2 years. 
Intermediate level.
Also play womens league for many years now.

My name is Asha and I am 30 years old. (Female) Haven’t played Volleyball in quite sometime but was always my favorite sport. I live a very active lifestyle and would like to get back into a sport instead of always being in the gym. Happy to join a team or be a sub. 403-357-8251.I’m 17 (almost 18) 

Hi, I have just graduated this year and I am attending Red Deer college in September and I would love to play volleyball in my spare time but my schedule is pretty full this semester so I wasn’t able to tryout for the college team but I would really like to continue playing sports! I have played setter most of my high school years but I have also played power. I am up to trying other positions as well! I would love to try out the Libaro because I love diving! I hope I’m not too young to play! Thanks.

My name is Daniel, I'm male and can be reached at 403-848-0706.

I am looking to play on a team in division 3 or 4 (Tuesday games). I’ve played rec volleyball in Calgary several years ago and played throughout high school. Mostly played setter, but I’m comfortable anywhere.


  • Alex M
  • 6’
  • Male 
  • Texts work best for contact (587) 877-2261

My name is Ryan Olsen and I'm a Male intermediate player looking to play in Red Deer
403 877 0084
Name: Kelsey Parkin
Gender: Female
ph# 403.596.3956
29 years old,  I recently moved back to Red Deer from Grande Prairie where I played in a ladies league and played right side. I also played middle in high school. My best friend Sydney, who also played in high school (right side) is also looking to play and we'd love to play together! Not looking for super competitive, Sydney is free to play Mondays or Thursdays, I'm free any day. 

My name is George 
My 28, 5.9 and I played wing in high school 
Looking to join any team this year 

Contact me 

Hi. My name is Kayla Robicheau. I am 18 years old. I am a single player looking to take part on one of the adult volleyball teams. I have 6 years of competitive volleyball experience. And I would love to have the opportunity to play once again. 

You can reach me at: (587)- 447-2676

 Kynan Stenson age 27
Played middle in high school looking division 6 team. My phone number 587878843 thank u in advance 

Hi my name is Cameron and I’m looking to play, I played in high school and had a team last year in Division 6.  I’m 6’2” Male.  Can be contacted text or call at 587-876-1729  email at

 My name is Cheryl and I’m 26 years old. I played competitively for most of my life, and was a setter in high school. I played competitive rec in university and outside of university before moving from Ontario to Alberta. I’m looking to break into the volleyball scene here! I’m 5’ almost 10” and am happy to play as setter or right side (or both!)

Hello my name is Jordan Baong, I am 22 years old, I played club volleyball and highschool volleyball at a higher tier and am looking to play more in a league.  My contact info is the best way to contact me by cell at 587-876-8723.  I am a male looking to play.  If there's any info I need to know let me know, thanks

 Myself and one other lady are looking to play, preferably same team but not necessary. 

Div 3 would be great but we’ll play any level to get on a team this winter. 

Marlene Mielke - 403-783-4587
Candace Torgeson - second person

Bailey Dunne and Sianna Como and we played high school volleyball but we would be very rusty so we would be looking for a lower level team. And I can be reached at 780- 712- 2912 or this email

 Name: Makenzie Shooter
Gender: Female
Contact: Phone: 403-580-6890 Email:

Hi my name is Makenzie and I’m 23 years old. I’m looking to play on a more competitive level. I played throughout high school and 1 year of college. Last fall I played in a tier 2 coed league in Calgary. I play on the outside but can also play middle as well if need be! I can be contacted through text is best or if call just leave a voicemail! 

Hey! I'm Rachel, 23, female, and looking to join a team this season. I played volleyball throughout high school and some rec ball afterward. I was a setter and libero, but happy to play anywhere! Just looking to get back into playing and have some fun!
Shoot me a text or email: 403-401-1704,

Hi, my name is Tammy. I am hoping to join a volleyball team or sub this year you can contact me at 403-392-7151

I’m jon samson, male,24yrs,6,4, haven’t played in a while but would love to get on a team if anyone is looking my contact is 4033918062 or

 My name's Jenna Krause and I'm looking to play on a volleyball team! I'm a 21 year old female and I played volleyball in high school as well as club volleyball for a few years! I played as a libero mostly but also as a right side. My phone number is 403-793-4320. 

I look forward from hearing back from you, have a good one!

My name is Andrei. I'm by the end of September in Red Deer and looking to play volleyball as a sub or at drop-ins. 
My phone : 4034018093.

My name is Whitney Andrew (female)
Looking to put my name on a sub list for the year to fill in on games here or there 
Or wondering if I could get matched with a team somehow 
I have played lots of volleyball but mostly in women’s leagues so div 2-3-4 would be a good match I think 
Cell 403-358-9304

 I am female age 19 my contact info is either this email or my cell you can call or text at 780-312-0751 thanks 
I played grade 7-12, u16 and u17 club volleyball I have coached grade 8 and 9 for several years and have coached one year of u14 club. 

 Hi my name is Krista. I would like to play on a intermediate team as a sub or full time player. I have played women’s volleyball for many years. I have played as a power, offside, middle.
Cell number 403-304-6323.

Name: Adam Dingman 
Gender: Male
Age: 33
Contact: prefer text at 403-896-6622
I haven't played indoor regularly in a few years, but I do play beach in the summer. I can't set, but could fill in anywhere else, preference being power. Would prefer division 4 or higher. 

Hey there my name is Nikki. I have recently moved to sylvan lake from Saskatchewan and would love to find a volleyball team to join. I am 36 years old and played all throughout school years and some random years throughout adulthood. Very hopeful to find a team to play on. Hope to hear back thanks so much

NSergio Mojica
Volleydome & Rally Pointe Calgary, competitive leagues.

male - any position but middle. looking to sub, available any night with enough notice. Looking to play as high of division as possible but will take what i can get

Philip Ziegler - 780-385-8245

Hello, my name is Leah Melnychuk. 
I was hoping to maybe still join to volleyball team. 

Name: Jessica Siegrist  
Gender: Female
Contact: 403-598-1943 or 

I just wanted to get my information out there incase some teams needed a sub on short notice. 
I currently play as a power in the RD women’s volleyball league (division 2) on Wednesday’s. 
I‘ve played a lot of volleyball but not super competitively and I've played in the RD women’s league for at least the last 5 years

Daniel Leonard
I'm still looking to get onto a team and have changed my phone number.  I can be reached at  403 464 1889.  Thank you.

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