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Registration of Teams and Individuals

How To Register

Team Registration

Teams must be registered by a team contact WITH Email. To register click on the My Locker Button on the left side of the page. You will be given three options on this page; Member Login, Retrieve Password, and Setup Login. Each button has an explanation of what its function is. You need to click on the Member Login button. Once inside this area you will see a link called Registration on the left side. Click on this and in the new window you will see Team. Click on this and the team registration form will appear. Fill in the information and submit. You will be given notice that your team is registered. Once your fees are paid I will activate your team into the division in which it was registered for. Registration is available for the following divisions:

Coed 1, 2 ( Mondays ) 3M/3F
Coed 3, 4 ( Tuesdays ) 3M/3F
Coed 5, 6 (Thursdays) 3M/3F

Entries are taken on a first come first serve basis.Typically all divisions fill quickly so Don't delay.

Individual Registration

To register as an individual click on the information button and select the Looking To Play Form. Fill in the information and click on the submit button. Your information will be posted on the Looking To Play List which can be accessed from the information menu.

League Fees:

The League Entry Fee is $700/Team/Division for Coed.

Make Certified Cheques or Money Orders payable to: Red Deer Volleyball

Send to:

Red Deer Volleyball
38 Denison Cres
Red Deer, AB
T4R 2E9

Please note that Entry Fees do not cover entry to any Coed Tournaments that may are hosted during; nor is participation in the league grounds for automatic entry to these tournaments ->> Separate Entries must be filled out for each tournament. Click here for upcoming Red Deer and area tournament information.

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