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Volleyball Standings    Division 3 Winter (Tuesday) - 2019/2020
Team  MP  MW  ML  MT  GW  GL  Pts 
1)Big Diggers  
2)Block Party  
4)Back Dat Pass Up  
3)Setting Ducks  
8)Ball So Hard  
7)Mediocre at Best  
6)Red Deer Raisins  
5)Free Ballin'  
MP-Matches Played MW-Matches Won ML-Matches Lost MT-Matches Tied
GW-Games Won GL-Games Lost Pts-Points

4)Back Dat Pass Up and 7)Mediocre at Best - Tie Broke on MP
3)Setting Ducks and 4)Back Dat Pass Up - Tie Broke on MP
8)Ball So Hard and 4)Back Dat Pass Up - Tie Broke on MP
2)Block Party and 1)Big Diggers - Tie Broke on MP